Saturday Sunshine

Well, it’s about time for a quick Saturday report-

Earlier this morning I watched the sun fill the sky while I made my morning tea. Note, I made it, but I never got to drink it… that happens a lot! Two of my children got up way before I thought they would; (last night was their movie night so I figured they would sleep in… rats!) I made them breakfast. I nursed the baby, I changed him, I got going on some dishes from last night…then I swept the floors, washed the floors and nursed the baby again (and changed him again- duh, he’s a newborn)…and the early morning hours were gone. The sun filled the front yard and so, just to be in it, I put on my jeans and scarf and sweatshirt and I built a fire. The wood was damp, so it took a while to get it going, but within a half an hour of blowing, adding more kindling and everything else you do to a fire to keep it burning, I had a very warm fire crackling right out in front of my house in the winter sunshine. And I FINALLY got to enjoy a steaming mug of tea. There was birdsong, wood-smoke, children inside listening to bluegrass, and a NY Times travel section in my lap. I even got around to quickly doing a sketch in my sketchbook for some stories I’ve been writing. I love Saturdays!

Right now: I just nursed my baby to sleep and my sister came and picked up all the kids; she is now at the library with them… brave Aunt!! I cleaned my house this morning (of course it gets un-clean within just an hour, with five children under the same roof and a rather disorganized mama) and washed most of our laundry.  I COULD go fold it all and figure out dinner and put away loose odds and ends lying around the house. But all I really want to do is to sit here in this blessed sunshine that is pouring through my window. It’s rare to have sunshine in the darker winter months here. So when it comes out I need to just stop what I am doing, just to soak it in for a half an hour… or 5 minutes, or whatever I have– Sort of the way we Catholics stop to pray the Angelus. So that’s what I am doing: stopping my day to sit in the sun and type a few lines in the e world. I truly think that sunshine is a foretaste of Heaven. Perhaps that’s just because now I live under rain-clouds… I don’t know. Oh, hey- it’s 10 minutes later. I actually got up because the sunshine moved behind the tree. So I washed some dishes to catch the sun over by the sink-window. Yes, I know… I’m a nut, following the sun around my house and yard.

Later: The boys will be home in a blink of an eye, because time flies when you’re writing and emailing and making tea and then jumping up to console a waking baby. So, within about 10 minutes, I will be most likely folding laundry, giving my boys hugs, and asking them to read me their books they picked out from the library. Then I will probably let them watch the old Treasure Island. (Reading it aloud to them would be more edifying but because I am in survival mode I will let them watch it now and read it on their own later.) I’ve learned that filling myself up is just as important as pouring myself out.

While I was in the middle of writing this, my baby woke up and needed a cuddle. So I opened up an old book of Gary Snyder poetry that my dad gave to me. I found these lines from his poem, MARIN-AN. Oh, take me back to California to smell that Eucalyptus! Consider this poetry-sharing my Saturday ode to sunshine.

sun breaks over the eucalyptus | grove below the wet pasture, | water’s about hot, | I sit in the open window | & roll a smoke.

distant dogs bark, a pair of | cawing crows; the twang | of a pygmy nuthatch high in a pine– | from behind the cypress windrow | the mare moves up, grazing.


I’ll be back soon; I’ve missed pebbl-y, quilt-y little rambles!

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